Matt Megrue & The Daisy Chains are a rock band. Matt Megrue & The Daisy Chains are a band that is also based out of The South (Charleston, South Carolina to be exact); however, in this particular instance 1 + 1 does not necessarily equal 2. Lead vocalist/songwriter Matt Megrue is acutely aware of the generalizations that plague native-Southerners, which is why he is so vehemently guarded against being categorized as just another Southern Rock band.

“I feel like the idea of the Southern rock label still has this ‘Confederate flag-waving, South’s gonna rise again’-stigma clinging to it,” says Megrue, “and I’m not really comfortable being associated with that. If that’s your thing, we’re probably not the band for you.”

When Megrue formed The Daisy Chains in late 2014 he made certain to enlist the help of some of the Charleston music scene’s finest: Danny Natale (Loners Society) on drums, Charlie Thompson on pedal steel guitar, and Sean Kelly (A Fragile Tomorrow) on bass guitar duty.

“I really want this band to challenge Southern stereotypes. [I want to] Challenge what it means to be a Southerner at this moment in time, both lyrically and musically. I want to be a part, however minimal, of changing the perception that a Southern accent equates to being slow or closed-minded.”

The band’s new 45 RPM record, When My Time Comes, is heavily-steeped in traditional country and rock-n-roll songwriting while lyrically examining themes of: the afterlife, loss, intolerance and guilt. American Songwriter Magazine described Megrue’s sound as, “smart, lyrical alt-country” while Substream Magazine declared “Megrue’s vocals [are] just as compelling as the stories he tells”. This amalgam of sound and story create an apropos musical backdrop to the steeples, cemeteries, and cobblestone streets of The Holy City.

“It is a very interesting time to be from The South and to be living here. You’re starting to see this loose, independent collective of Southern thinkers, artists, and musicians forming, who are pushing The South’s collective identity and people’s perceptions of it. That’s exciting to me, and if I can play some part in putting the nail in the coffin of the old south mindset and way of thinking, I’m all for it.”

Having toured and recorded in different bands over the course of the last decade, Megrue has shared the billing with a variety of such bands, including: The Civil Wars, Manchester Orchestra, The Weeks, The Constellations, Ponderosa, and Shawn Mullins.